Kwak Shi Yang, Kang Mi Na, and Kwon Soo Hyun are added to the cast of “Minamdang: Case Note”

Posted 2021/11/18 0

Kwak Shi Yang, Kang Mi Na, and Kwon Soo Hyun are confirmed to star in the upcoming KBS drama “Minamdang: Case Note.”

On November 17th, it was confirmed that Kwak Shi Yang, Kang Mi Na, and Kwon Soo Hyun will be joining Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo in the mystery comedy-drama “Minamdang: Case Note.”

“Minamdang: Case Note” is the new work of director Go Jae Hyun (“Player”) and screenwriter  Park Hye Jin (“The Emperor: Owner of the Mask”). The drama is based on a popular web novel with the same name. It will tell the story of a former profiler, a homicide detective, and the mysterious cafe Minandang.

The upcoming drama “Minamdang: Case Note” will begin filming this year. The series will air in the first half of 2022. The drama will be produced by People Story Company and AD406.

Kwak Shi Yang will play the role of Gong Soo Cheol. He lives as a barista during the day and a detective of the violent crime squad at night. He has a friendly appearance and a cute unexpected charm. This will be the first drama of Kwak Shi Yang in 2022. He will also make a special appearance in the upcoming drama “Rookies.”

Kang Mi Na will play the role of Nam Hye Joon. She’s a former ace in the NIS. She’s also the younger sister of Seo In Guk’s character Nam Han Joon. This will also be the first drama of Kang Mi Na for next year. She is set to star in the 2021 drama “When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon.” 

Kwon Soo Hyun will play the role of Cha Do Won. He’s the prosecutor at the criminal department of the Western District Prosecutors’ Office. He is the perfect type, from studies, appearance, and more. He’s also born rich. The actor is currently starring in the drama “Crime Puzzle.” 


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